Magnetis. Ltd. – who are we?

We are a consultation centre for physical treatment.
Our diagnoses and therapies are based exclusively on bio-energy.
We lead with the help of our diagnosis and therapy methods the human body, every single cell of the body by the „melody of the creation“ to harmony and with it to health which Dr. Hartmut Müller of the institute of space energy research has in more than 20 years of intensive research project than legitimate biophysical condition all life to proved ones.
Want you to know what is hidden behind it? Then you read on...

Ascertain of the body status
Before the therapy the gods have put the diagnosis.
After this old wisdom we also act.
There are many time-luxurious, expensive diagnosis methods often walking along with physical strain (blood decrease, gastroscopy, Biopsien udgl) which prove an illness mostly only in a certain, often quite far advanced stage. Often they are also not free of side effect.
We use for the diagnosis the processes in the body even - absolutely freely of side effect, in absolutely relaxed atmosphere for the to be diagnosed.

OUR METHOD: We measure the course of electric impulses in the body.
This offers a quick overview of the functional state of organs and body cells.
What is this? How can this function?